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Typo Theme Viewer

Posted in Wed, 21 Jun 2006 22:42:00 GMT

I just put together a dual-purpose Typo Theme Viewer. The first purpose is to allow quick scanning of all the themes at Typo Garden which are currently spread out over 14 pages. The second purpose is to provide an example using the Scriptaculous' Sortable effect. I've been interested in using it along with a fluid layout for a while but haven't had an application. Even here, it's more of a demo than some especially useful functionality but it's nice to see the effect in action on something more than a few random graphics. I'm still thinking about how to make the Web 2.0 functionality more useful.

Typo Themes Viewer

The theme viewer lets you select how many themes you want to view per page so you can adjust it to however many look good in your browser. The pages will change accordingly. You can also see all the themes at once which I find very convenient.

There are some more enhancements I've been thinking about as Scriptaculous (or Dojo) experiments. Let me know what you think of it and what would make it better.

UPDATE: The theme viewer has been upgraded from the screenshot and description here.

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Birth of a Typo Blog

Posted in , , , Wed, 21 Jun 2006 22:04:00 GMT

I'm giving Typo a shot after hearing some good things about it and having performance problems at a hosted blog service. It's been pretty good so far. Let's see how it runs in action.

I'm currently using the Lucid theme. So far I've played with Azure (the default), Lucid and Phokus. The default font size seems smaller than normal on other sites. Let me know if it's too small or there are other issues.

Up until now, my wiki has been the only app at this domain. I'm leaning towards putting commentary, questions, short summaries and the like in the blog while the wiki would still contain reference type information. To that end, I put up some detailed Typo install instructions covering MySQL, Apache, lighttpd and FastCGI on the wiki. Right now it just covers installation as I'm just getting into customizing the template. Let me know what you think.

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